As the daughter and niece of Vietnam veterans, and the grand daughter of a post WWII era veteran, I have a personal interest in veterans issues. I believe the VA owes America’s veterans timely and accurate decisions on their claims, but unfortunately, all too often, veterans are faced with lengthy delays, and inaccurate and confusing decisions. I strive to make the system easier to successfully navigate, using my knowledge of veterans’ law as well as my knowledge of the way decisions are actually made.

I spent years as a Rating Specialist with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and I understand all too well the flaws of the system that make inaccurate decisions far too common.  The VA Office of the Inspector General estimates that 23% of rating decisions are inaccurate. See Report No. 08-02073-96VA Office of Inspector General dated March 12, 2009. Unfortunately, these decisions and the rules and regulations on which they are based, can be so confusing that it’s difficult for veterans to know whether they are accurate or inaccurate. It is important that a rating decision, whether it grants or denies VA benefits, be reviewed by someone with extensive knowledge of VA rules and regulations to ensure that benefits were awarded (or denied) accurately, at the highest level warranted, from the earliest possible effective date.

Attorney Shana Dunn is a 2009 graduate of Marquette University Law School. She is admitted to practice in Wisconsin, and accredited by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to represent veterans nationwide. She spent eight years working for the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs regional office in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.