How Do I Obtain VA Disability Benefits?

The US Department of Veterans Affairs will compensate veterans on a monthly basis for any disability that was sustained during military service. To apply for benefits, you must complete VA Form 21-526, and submit it to the regional office in their state: Link to form

In order for service connection (the VA calls disabilities that were caused by military service “service connected” disabilities) to be granted, the veteran must show the following:

  1. an injury in service

  2. a current disability

  3. and a link between the current disability and military service.

There are some exceptions to this rule. For example, some conditions are presumed service connected without additional evidence of a link between them. Veterans who served in-country in Vietnam and have certain diseases such as diabetes are granted service connection on a presumptive basis.

Mental health claims, such as those for post traumatic stress disorder (“PTSD”) require even more evidence to support them. To prove a claim for PTSD you must have, in addition to the above three elements, prove that you were exposed to a stressful event (the VA calls this a “stressor”).  See the PTSD section under specific disabilities/special issues tab for more information.

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